Latex Spoiled

3:55 Minuten Fetish
Latex Spoiled 0
Latex Spoiled 1
Latex Spoiled 2
Latex Spoiled 3
Latex Spoiled 4

No wonder you are helpless in resisting a SpoiledBlackPrincess like me. Just look at how easy it is to use you and take ALL your cash. I deserve every penny you work hard for while I do endless shopping & investing for that sake of MY HAPPINESS. You are nothing without me & I am the reason you exist and slave away in sacrifice to my entertaining desires. As you see my pigs take good care of me so get on your fucking job & spoil me!


Trample Pay Pig

3:53 Minuten Foot Fetish
Trample Pay Pig 0
Trample Pay Pig 1
Trample Pay Pig 2
Trample Pay Pig 3
Trample Pay Pig 4

You feeling my gorgeous ebony feet trample down upon your hard earned cash. glamourSLAVES & narcissisticTOOLS who love to be used for attention by a beautiful black GODdess of their wildest dreams get the chance to prove themselves worthy. Spoil me like never before and Love it as the feeling keeps me aroused & in the mood to have my boyfriend give me some BIG BLACK JUICY COCK you will never be able to possess ....

Latex leg tax

5:12 Minuten Femdom, Latex
Latex leg tax 0
Latex leg tax 1
Latex leg tax 2
Latex leg tax 3
Latex leg tax 4

What a wonderful feeling to be looking down on you like the piece of Sh*t that you are in my sexy leg tease. PAY YOUR leg worship TAX


Forced Bisexual

11:05 Minuten Latex, Strap-on, Strapon
Forced Bisexual 0
Forced Bisexual 1
Forced Bisexual 2
Forced Bisexual 3
Forced Bisexual 4

Goddess shows you seductive guidance what you already crave. You and I both know you are a FAGGOT but since you are so not upfront about it. I will whip you into shape in accepting it!


Eat Cock

10:05 Minuten Femdom, Latex, Strap-on
Eat Cock 0
Eat Cock 1
Eat Cock 2
Eat Cock 3
Eat Cock 4

Goddess BIG BLACK strapon COCK awaits all your tight slutty holes to be filled to the fullest. Latex ProDOMME Princess enjoys the feeling of being dominant and in control

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