Latex Seductress

8:45 Minuten Latex
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Imagine surrounding me with all your money and gifts, diamonds and furs in my expensive shiny attire. So smooth, so black, and lick-able. Your exquisite Afro Princess loves the feeling of seducing, teasing and taunting while allowing you to beg to worship such perfection. I FEEL Spoiled!

Latex leg worship findom

12:42 Minuten Latex
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Latex leg worship findom 4

*note this clip has NO SOUND: discounted clip Once upon a time there was a pathetic bitch scum on-of-bitch who was absolutely addicted to my latex collection that he would do ANYTHING to keep me happy. I would intentionally wear latex just to manipulate him and keep him hooked. Just look at these gorgeous long tall and slender brown legs. He simply could not get enough... Next I would...

Schlagworte: ebony, legs, high heels, afro
Gothic trample monster boots 0
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Gothic trample monster boots 4

Once upon a time there was a weak little bitch boy who loved to worship Princess Simone boot collection. He enjoyed being used and verbally abused while paying her to lick these one specific Gothic monster boots while begging to get his cock crushed by them...

Black latex leather femdom

23:18 Minuten Latex
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Financial domination money mistress once again teases you wretched fools in extreme ass worship upskirt. Oh loser you will pay! Fuck you or fuck off as you enjoy the verbal abuse that pierces in both ears. Prepare to pull out that credit card and beg for acceptance. High maintenance domina dominatrix diva keeps you addicted as she turns up the notch in her lustful latex leather red. Your icky balls will explode fucker but first things first, get my money bitch!

Schlagworte: leather, pvc, femdom, pov, legs, ebony, heels, ass
Gothica Magnifique Vamperism  0
Gothica Magnifique Vamperism  1
Gothica Magnifique Vamperism  2
Gothica Magnifique Vamperism  3
Gothica Magnifique Vamperism  4

Strong and extreme ethnic onyx latex lips collaborated with long red vampire toes to suck you in even further. Baby oiled and nasty. Powerful and majestic black magic dominatrix invites you to be lost into the abyss of dark consciousness and illusion as these marvelous lips soles and toes your soul.