Latex wet lover

3:05 Minuten Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Latex wet lover 0
Latex wet lover 1
Latex wet lover 2
Latex wet lover 3
Latex wet lover 4

I absolutely love this wet look on my hot ebony body and you seek, yearn and ache to be drained by the majestic appearance of it. Just how many times will you squeal and beg for more....

Elegant Neck Pearls Fetish 0
Elegant Neck Pearls Fetish 1
Elegant Neck Pearls Fetish 2
Elegant Neck Pearls Fetish 3
Elegant Neck Pearls Fetish 4

Worship my elegant ebony neck embellished with a string of classy pearls.

Latex tongue 1

3:08 Minuten Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Latex tongue 1 0
Latex tongue 1 1
Latex tongue 1 2
Latex tongue 1 3
Latex tongue 1 4

My tongue rotates after I glide my purple passion lipstick on. I am absolutely stunning as you cant resist the urge to spoil me.

Latex robot

3:09 Minuten Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Latex robot 0
Latex robot 1
Latex robot 2
Latex robot 3
Latex robot 4

I am in control inside of your weak libido. Controlling your weak latex desires. YOu will do as I command as I hold the remote in my hand ha ha


Latex my way

3:40 Minuten Femdom, Fetish, Latex
Latex my way 0
Latex my way 1
Latex my way 2
Latex my way 3
Latex my way 4

Its feels so funny and hilarious watching you beg like a lil pathetic-pup that I position you to do it my way. You are so weak and I love to keep you that way

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